Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuit

Quiksilver Cypher Fullsuit 2011

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuits are made with Bio fleece thermal neoprene, fiberlite neoprene and flexmax seam seal to keep you warm. The Beadlock wrist, ankle and shoulder seals make sure that the chilly water doesn’t sneak in! Available in 3/2 or 4/3.

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuits

Bio fleece Thermal Neoprene is the perfect marriage of XTX closed-cell Neoprene foam, and Bio fleece jersey made with recycled PET and infused with bamboo charcoal and nylon jersey.

Fiber-Lite Neoprene starts with the lightest closed- cell neoprene foam available: XTX. It has closed-cell Neoprene foam with countless microscopic air cells to trap and contain warmth. The nylon jersey is infused with bamboo charcoal which is anti-microbial for less stink. Because of Quiksilver’s unique materials, weaving, and lamination process, the FIBER-LITE NEOPRENE is 14% more flexible, absorbs less water, dries faster, and weighs less than anything you can imagine.

Flexmax Seal technology takes it to the next level of performance with a tape/seal construction that allows for extremely flexible seams coupled with this extra layer of critical waterproofing. Flexmax SeamSeal is the warmest, most waterproof system with maximized comfort and flexibility.

Quiksilver Wetsuits

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuit

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Fullsuit

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuits are now at South Coast!

The Cypher FuseFlex is made with FuseFlex stitchless seam technology with Plio-Tech air chamber neoprene combined with Biofleece thermal lining and waterproof YKK chest zip to keep you warm.

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuit

  • FuseFlex Seam Technology
  • Plio Tech Air Chamber Neoprene
  • Biofleece Thermal Neoprene Front
  • Fiberlite Neoprene
  • Hydrolock dry chest zip entry

The Quiksilver Cypher Van Hooks Up Core Shops Including South Coast

Here is a short video from Transworld that gives some insight to how Quiksilver feeds the Southern California demand of Roxy and Quiksilver products. We are thankful at South Coast to have our long standing relationship with Quiksilver and to be a part of their Core shop program. Watch this video and understand more clearly how Quiksilver makes it possible for us to have a constant stock of Roxy and Quik wetsuits available for purchase in-store and online right here at

If you would like to read more about Quiksilver’s retail brand strategy you can read the following article also at Transworld Business. This more recent article mentions the South Coast PB shop as a perfect example of their retail dedication going forward. In this article Quiksilver EVP of Core Developement Tom Holbrook talks about the evolving retail landscape. And if you haven’t been in to check out the South Coast PB shop remodel our grand re-opening is coming up soon so be there!

Quiksilver Wetsuits for Fall 2008

Keep warm with the hottest new Quiksilver Wetsuits for FALL 2008
By Brianne Chavez

This season Quiksilver wetsuits has a lineup that covers the bases for surfers of all levels. Starting with their top of the line Cypher, and going through their mid range Ignite to the entry level Syncro, South Coast Surf Shops is highlighting the key features of this year’s Quiksilver wetsuits.

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuit at South Coast Surf ShopsReplacing the Cell of last season, Quiksilver has introduced the Cypher. The Cypher wetsuit contains an HFT chest panel, flexmax, hyperstretch II, vapor stretch mesh chest and back, triple glued and blind stitch, cypher seal, hydroshield water barrier, and hydrowrap adjustable neck closure. You’re probably asking yourself what all of this means. Let me break it down for you. An HFT chest panel is a jersey like material that lies between your skin and the main skin of the suit. What it does is allow minimum water into the suit, keeping you warmer. It is comparable to the firewall in Oneill suits, just with a different name. Flexmax is a Quicksilver’s version of waterproof seams. All this means is that there is a liquid tape seal on one side of the seams to ensure that no water leaks through the seams. Read more