Quiksilver Grom Spring Suits – South Coast Spring Wetsuit Buyers Guide

Quiksilver Grom SynchroGroms are wild crazy energetic monsters whose youth is wasted on the young and their body generally never enough to keep them warm. If it weren’t for those little gremlins we’d all still be doing check turns and spend our waves finding them trim so for the sake of surfing’s progression let us keep the little ones warm. Quik has the same quality Synchro 2mm spring adult synchro scaled down for grommets. They still use their hyper stretch materials throughout the entire suit to give that added flexibility for all those crazy flips and recoveries that make most people joints start to ache just watching them. This Spring runs a basic flatlock stictch along with seamless paddlezones to avoid those nasty rashes that can come about when all they do over the summer months is surf eat and cause mischief. The trouble with groms is that normally they outgrow suits too quickly to be used another season but with the Spring suits generally the extra arm ands legs they’re still growing into won’t really affect the fit of the suit. The chest panel also runs their vaporstretch material on both grom and adults. Generally a rare find to procure in a Spring but Quik went ahead and tossed some of that warm golden fleece to help keep your chest a little dryer and you in the water longer. As I mentioned before the Adult and boys suits are identical so there a great buy if you need to get more than one in the family.

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