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Quiksilver Ignite Spring WetsuitsThe Ignite is the second tier line of Quiksilver’s three tier wetsuit series. The line appeals to more core surfers that want the essentials for longer sessions but can do without the bells whistles and flashy colors of the top tier Cypher line. The Ignite 2mm GBS Jacket is a rare find in the world of surf tops as its one of the few to have fully sealed seams. Most tops feature a flatlock stitch which allows water to pass through the seams freely, ultimately nipping away a fair amount of your warmth in the long run. The Ignite runs Glued and Blind-stitched seams (Hence GBS) which seal the suit from those obnoxious pinhole leaks that sends the occasional shiver up ones spine. Now you’re probably asking why would one worry about being cold if you’re surfing in trunks. The answer is that most of us in California and Maui have this obnoxious pest called onshore wind. Once the wind cuts into your jacket it will start to cool the water closer to your skin therefore chilling you out. Having a sealed seam jacket keeps more water out so you can stay warmer. Another quirk of the Ignite series is that it does not run smoothie panels. That seal-like layer of rubbed is great for blocking out the occasional gust but if you’re practically dry under the jacket why bother? Smoothie has the drawbacks of becoming crispy and ultimately brittle with extended sun exposure as well as raising the price by a solid $20-30 that could be put towards the inevitable summer board repair. Removing the panels keeps the Jacket lasting a little longer for your buck and as an added bonus for the guy who wants as little resistance as possible makes the jacket significantly lighter. I know there are those who comment why would you need to make a jacket any lighter? With warm water come heavy solar rays ready to zap our endurance, something light and easy to use so can make all the difference in a 2 hour session riddled with summer vacation groms.

Now if you’ve been fortunate enough to get onto a plane and enter someplace tropical away from the crowds chances are you’re surfing something with pretty sharp reef. Cutting your foot on coral is probably the most demoralizing way to keep yourself out of the water. One good slice and standing on your board can feel like walking a bed a knives and I’m not going to even bring up the idea of infections. Protect those piggies and your trip with some Indo Booties. Quik wetsuits makes the Ignite 2mm split toe Indo bootie that should protect against most of those nasty little critters on the sea floor. The Ignite Indo runs a heavy amount of vulcanized rubber on its sole to keep your soft spots covered. I wouldn’t deem this item practical for white sand beach breaks as the extra rubber is meant to deal with lava rock and coral spurs. The upside of the weight is that you can be assured that after multiple walks across sketchy waterscapes that they will hold up. If you’re worried about them holding water fret not as they do feature three sizeable drain holes near the center of your arch to allow all that water to pass through and avoid ever debilitating balloon foot. Upon first look you see the boot is shaped as a roundtoe but in fact it has an internal split. You get the best of both worlds, the flexibility of a split but without the worries of having your leash snag on your own feet. An amazing functional pairing of features considering that taking a bad fall on the drop in a place where you need to wear these boots means a whole lot of lime and rubbing alcohol in your future. All and all the Ignite series I uphold as the core series of Quiksilver’s line. They run more expensive than their Intro level Synchro cousin but that’s because if you’re rocking this line you’re probably not surfing intro level surf. A series perfect for the guy who wants gear that works in the conditions that have some consequence.

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