Matuse Wetsuits – Four Spring Suits Tumo, Philo, Chapter 1, and Hoplite

Matuse Wetsuits

Matuse Wetsuits for Spring & Summer in San Diego

matuse wetsuits hopliteMatuse Wetsuits is a local company here in San Diego and we are happy to now be supporting their products at South Coast Surf Shops.

Matuse Hoplite 2mm SS Fullsuit

The Hoplite foot soldiers of ancient Greece had the most advanced armor of their era. They were fast, fierce and well protected. Modern day surfers can now own these same qualities by wearing a Matuse Hoplite suit. No spear or shield necessary.matuse wetsuits tumo

Matuse Tumo 2mm LS Spring Suit Wetsuit

The Tumo is named after the Buddhist meditation Technique where naked Monks sit in the snow, underneath a wet blanket, and dry-it-out with their own body heat. So jump into the coldest environments. The Tumo’s got you covered even if you don’t meditate.

Matuse Wetsuits Jackets & Tops

matuse wetsuits philo

Matuse Philo 1mm LS Jacket

Derived from the Greek term, Philos, the word Philo means, “having a strong affinity or preference.” The PHILO: jacket represents our love for building the next level of function-first wetsuits. Whatever it is you do, remember to be passionate about it.
matuse wetsuits chapter 1

Matuse Chapter 2mm LS Top

The Chapter 1 takes it back to the beginning. Minus the beavertail, it blends 80’s aesthetic soul with today’s fit, function and high tech material. Looking old school’s never felt so progressive.

Matuse Wetsuits Geoprene

Old-fashioned neoprene is petroleum-based: It’s messy, it’s hazardous and it goops up sea otters. Geoprene is derived from limestone that’s 99.7% pure. Estimates show that the limestone source – an ancient misty Mesozoic mountain – has reserves that will last approximately 3,000 years. Compare that to the earth’s dwindling supply of oil (as well as the astronomically high price per barrel) and you have a pretty good idea as to why Geoprene is a more sustainable alternative (in addition to being functionally superior). –Matuse Wetsuits