Patagonia Mens R1 Spring Suits – South Coast Spring Wetsuit Buyers Guide

Patagonia R1 Reversible Long Sleeve Back Zip 2mmEnjoy the sleek form fitting design of Patagonia’s R1 2mm Vest or 2mm Long Sleeved Reversible Top during this coming summers dawn patrol paddle outs. Whether the afternoon dropping tide is meeting a growing south swell or high tide mush burgers are on tap, these tops will stay on tight with the Patagonia engineered Front Loop board short tie. Flatlock stitching with bar tacks, glue dots, and Melcro reinforcements at critical seam junctions are durable and non-restricting. Losing your fins and getting ground up in the sand at the Wedge this summer will be just as painful, but at least you’ll look good getting tossed upside down in the rigorously tested and handmade 2mm R1 Reversible Vest. With neoprene made out of 88% recycled polyester and 12% nylon you can feel good in knowing that Patagonia is doing their part to promote and take part in the importance of utilizing reusable materials.

In warm to hot water temperature bodies of water you’ll be best suited picking up the Men’s 2mm R1 Reversible Vest. The sleeveless design will provide core warmth with unrestricted arm movement. Another great feature is that on the brightest days you can turn it inside out to reflect the suns rays and help you to keep from overheating. Further benefits include the aid in fighting stomach rashes for surfers unaccustomed to life in board shorts and bare backing it. From seasonal warm summer water conditions here in California to warmer island locations, the addition of Patagonia’s 2mm R1 Reversible Long sleeve top to your wetsuit quiver is an excellent choice. Both pieces will perform well and remain fitting even after years of abuse by Patagonia adding spandex bindings at the arm and collar openings to keep you coming back for more.

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Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010

Budget Wetsuits:

Looking for the best value on a new wetsuit? Don’t have an extra $500 for the latest tech gadgets? Then go back to the basics with the Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, these suits are the best value around. So put that extra $350 back in your pocket and read on!

Billabong Budget Wetsuits

Billabong Foil – The first, but certainly not last of the Budget Wetsuits: Billabong packed the 2010 Foil to the brim with Furnace Lining throughout to keep you dry and warm. SuperFlex light weight stretch zones at flex points increase overall flexibility, while Ergonomic Performance Panels in the lower back to eliminate riding up and keep the Foil at the top of its flexibility game. Functional flexibility at the perfect price.

Xcel X-Zip – From the company responsible for the original front entry fullsuit, XCEL Budget Wetsuitscomes the wallet friendly 2010 Xcel X-Zip chest-zip full. Packed with many of the features found in suits twice the price, the X-Zip comes with super toasty Thermobamboo heat-retaining lining in the chest. Ultrastretch, Ultrasoft upper-body construction paired with SuperStretch lower body and Minimal Seam Design means you’re getting the most flexible suit for your dollar. Xcel tops it all off with reinforced stress points over glued and blindstiched seams for maximum durability.

O’Neill Epic IIO'Neill Budget WetsuitsThe completely redesigned Epic II wetsuits from O’Neill is not your everyday budget wetsuit. In fact O’Neill now incorporates many of the features found in the Psycho series such as: UltraFlex Firewall chest for superior heat insulation, double seal neck closure for flush protection, all new covert blackout zip, and LSD (lumbar seamless design) for ultimate flexibility. Krypto knee pads and an exterior key pocket with loop put this suit over the top as one of the best values around.

Quiksilver SynchroQuiksilver Budget WetsuitsThe 2010 Synchro from Quiksilver wetsuits is here to compete with a great lineup of features and new color ways. Constructed from 100% Hyperstretch II neoprene lined with HFT heating system in the chest to keep you warm and loose. Vaporstretch mesh chest panel offers high end warmth at a great price point, while the Hydroshield water barrier and Hydrowrap adjustable neck closure keep the dreaded flush at bay. Easy access external key pocket on leg allows you to get the car warmed up before you take off half your suit trying to find the poorly placed internal key loop used by some other manufacturers.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Rip Curl Budget WetsuitsLast but not least one of our favorite budget wetsuits: 100% Ultralight Elastomax 3 neoprene construction puts the Dawn Patrol on top of the budget game with the lightest, stretchiest material available in a budget suit. Rip Curl Fireskin lining throughout guarantees you’ll outlast the lineup on those chilly morning sessions, while S-Flex knees and reinforced glued and blindstiched seams ensure long lasting performance. All in all, one of the best values around.

South Coast’s Best Budget Wetsuits

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Patagonia R2 Wetsuits at South Coast Surf Shops!

Patagonia R2

South Coast Surf Shops just got our very first Patagonia Wetsuit delivery, and all the shop employees are super stoked on it. The boxes were full of Patagonia R2 front-zip fullsuits, and everybody wanted to see the new “green” technology that Patagonia infused into their brand new wetsuit line.

As our own Rose McGinley-kase highlighted in our last newsletter, Patagonia is making eco-friendly wetsuits with a purpose. They’re thinner, warmer, naturally safer than traditionally manufactured wetsuits (according to Patagonia’s wetsuit features page). This makes the R2 a little better for the environment–and the end user–after all is said and done.

From PVC-free knee pads to chlorine-free marino wool lining, the Patagonia R2 embarks on a journey that most wetsuit manufacturers wouldn’t dare: finding functionality and overall sensibility in a final product that the general public can enjoy at a reasonable price.

After all, if it’s affordable AND green, people are way more likely to use it, right?

Patagonia R2

Patagonia: The Give Back Company

By Rosie McGinley-Kase

Patagonia Wetsuits at South Coast Surf Shops

From surfing and skating to rock climbing and fly-fishing, Patagonia has the gear for it all. But what makes them so different from other companies is their eco-friendly status of course. Patagonia is a company truly striving for the good health of our planet and its natural habitats. They make eco friendly gear and fight for eco friendly causes, making them one of the most active companies out there.

“What does Patagonia have to do with surfing,” you ask? Our friends from the North are commandeering some eco-friendly products that are changing the way we think about what surfers use and buy, one product at a time.

Lucky for us, they are starting their surf division with Patagonia wetsuits. (Men’s Patagonia Wetsuits available at South Coast beginning November 5th 2008)

Patagonia uses organic wool in the lining of their wetsuits, just one of the many ways the outdoor company is expanding their message through their product line. Read more