Quiksilver Ignite Spring WetsuitsThe Ignite is the second tier line of Quiksilver’s three tier wetsuit series. The line appeals to more core surfers that want the essentials for longer sessions but can do without the bells whistles and flashy colors of the top tier Cypher line. The Ignite 2mm GBS Jacket is a rare find in the world of surf tops as its one of the few to have fully sealed seams. Most tops feature a flatlock stitch which allows water to pass through the seams freely, ultimately nipping away a fair amount of your warmth in the long run. The Ignite runs Glued and Blind-stitched seams (Hence GBS) which seal the suit from those obnoxious pinhole leaks that sends the occasional shiver up ones spine. Now you’re probably asking why would one worry about being cold if you’re surfing in trunks. The answer is that most of us in California and Maui have this obnoxious pest called onshore wind. Once the wind cuts into your jacket it will start to cool the water closer to your skin therefore chilling you out. Having a sealed seam jacket keeps more water out so you can stay warmer. Another quirk of the Ignite series is that it does not run smoothie panels. That seal-like layer of rubbed is great for blocking out the occasional gust but if you’re practically dry under the jacket why bother? Smoothie has the drawbacks of becoming crispy and ultimately brittle with extended sun exposure as well as raising the price by a solid $20-30 that could be put towards the inevitable summer board repair. Removing the panels keeps the Jacket lasting a little longer for your buck and as an added bonus for the guy who wants as little resistance as possible makes the jacket significantly lighter. I know there are those who comment why would you need to make a jacket any lighter? With warm water come heavy solar rays ready to zap our endurance, something light and easy to use so can make all the difference in a 2 hour session riddled with summer vacation groms.

Now if you’ve been fortunate enough to get onto a plane and enter someplace tropical away from the crowds chances are you’re surfing something with pretty sharp reef. Cutting your foot on coral is probably the most demoralizing way to keep yourself out of the water. One good slice and standing on your board can feel like walking a bed a knives and I’m not going to even bring up the idea of infections. Protect those piggies and your trip with some Indo Booties. Quik wetsuits makes the Ignite 2mm split toe Indo bootie that should protect against most of those nasty little critters on the sea floor. The Ignite Indo runs a heavy amount of vulcanized rubber on its sole to keep your soft spots covered. I wouldn’t deem this item practical for white sand beach breaks as the extra rubber is meant to deal with lava rock and coral spurs. The upside of the weight is that you can be assured that after multiple walks across sketchy waterscapes that they will hold up. If you’re worried about them holding water fret not as they do feature three sizeable drain holes near the center of your arch to allow all that water to pass through and avoid ever debilitating balloon foot. Upon first look you see the boot is shaped as a roundtoe but in fact it has an internal split. You get the best of both worlds, the flexibility of a split but without the worries of having your leash snag on your own feet. An amazing functional pairing of features considering that taking a bad fall on the drop in a place where you need to wear these boots means a whole lot of lime and rubbing alcohol in your future. All and all the Ignite series I uphold as the core series of Quiksilver’s line. They run more expensive than their Intro level Synchro cousin but that’s because if you’re rocking this line you’re probably not surfing intro level surf. A series perfect for the guy who wants gear that works in the conditions that have some consequence.

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Quiksilver Synchro Spring WetsuitThe Synchro line from Quiksilver is the starter set of their wetsuit line. Suits and accessories alike the features maintain solid price point purchases that gets you what you need to stay warm. This line is perfect for surfers just starting out or for the season vets who just bought the top of the line wetsuit and want to avoid an overdraft on top tier gloves and hoods. The Synchro 1mm pullover Vest is a year round accessory that can accommodate any budget and situation. This vest is that extra piece of material to keep your back from frying in the summer sun, avoid some of that afternoon breeze cutting back your wave count and all without the cost of sweating out all your endurance with its low millimeter weight. The other end of the spectrum is that the vest is thin enough to be worn comfortably under a wetsuit. We’ve seen guys take thick smoothie lined vests under a normal full suit and the results end up looking like something along the lines of a failed Houdini trick. This slim vest doesn’t impede any paddle zones on its own so in those harsh winter months where a 4/3 is too bulky and the 3/2 is just shy of comfortable this little nugget bridges the gap. An extra $45 for a vest that can be used year round versus an extra $260 investment for a solid 4/3 is a choice I can easily weight out in more post surf burritos.

The Short John is one of my favorite wetsuits to wear. I get near the freedom of trunks but I get the added warmth and sun protection from a wetsuit that doesn’t inhibit my movements. Quik has their version as the Synchro 2/1mm Short John. The suit’s leg cut is just above the knee but not so high that you’re something out of an 80’s Maui and Suns add. There’s nothing to for a knee to get caught on and no worries off pulling a “Bruce Flash” on a bad fall. The the sleeves are broad over your traps as to avoid pinching; there is no sense in wearing a wetsuit if it feels as if you’re surfing with a monkey on your back. If you’re the type that has shoulder concerns or just hates wearing neoprene in general I recommend trying a Short John on in the dressing room and let the difference speak for itself. I love seeing a good short sleeve wetsuit tan during summer but these are just as functional as their longer armed cousins with the added ease of a no legged wettie.

The Synchro 1.5mm Jacket is the quick stop of the line (pun partially intended). This is the jacket we’ll toss to any and all who simply need something fast. If you don’t have much time to tell us at the shop your specific needs other than “I need something more than trunks” while all your buddies are threating to leave you behind if you don’t hurry up this what you’ll end up with in your hands. It runs 100% of Quiksilver’s hyper stretch material making it one of the most flexible price point jackets on the market. The Jacket runs a flat lock stitch for breathable seams though I myself prefer a glued seam this keeps costs down and a more comfortable touch on the average surfer’s skin. The jacket also runs a short zipper in the back to add ease of removal, if you just spent all day surfing the last thing you want is a 10 minute wrestling match to get your jacket off. It’s a simple design with a 1.5 mm thickness you can throw on and go surf with confidence in most conditions.

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Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuit

by Chloe on November 23, 2011

Quiksilver Cypher Fullsuit 2011

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuits are made with Bio fleece thermal neoprene, fiberlite neoprene and flexmax seam seal to keep you warm. The Beadlock wrist, ankle and shoulder seals make sure that the chilly water doesn’t sneak in! Available in 3/2 or 4/3.

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuits

Bio fleece Thermal Neoprene is the perfect marriage of XTX closed-cell Neoprene foam, and Bio fleece jersey made with recycled PET and infused with bamboo charcoal and nylon jersey.

Fiber-Lite Neoprene starts with the lightest closed- cell neoprene foam available: XTX. It has closed-cell Neoprene foam with countless microscopic air cells to trap and contain warmth. The nylon jersey is infused with bamboo charcoal which is anti-microbial for less stink. Because of Quiksilver’s unique materials, weaving, and lamination process, the FIBER-LITE NEOPRENE is 14% more flexible, absorbs less water, dries faster, and weighs less than anything you can imagine.

Flexmax Seal technology takes it to the next level of performance with a tape/seal construction that allows for extremely flexible seams coupled with this extra layer of critical waterproofing. Flexmax SeamSeal is the warmest, most waterproof system with maximized comfort and flexibility.

Quiksilver Wetsuits

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuit

by Chloe on November 22, 2011

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Fullsuit

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuits are now at South Coast!

The Cypher FuseFlex is made with FuseFlex stitchless seam technology with Plio-Tech air chamber neoprene combined with Biofleece thermal lining and waterproof YKK chest zip to keep you warm.

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuit

  • FuseFlex Seam Technology
  • Plio Tech Air Chamber Neoprene
  • Biofleece Thermal Neoprene Front
  • Fiberlite Neoprene
  • Hydrolock dry chest zip entry

We only have a limited amount of these collaboration trunks available so get them while they last! Please call (619) 223-7017 or e-mail cs@southcoast.com for availability!

Read More About The Quiksilver South Coast Union Boardshorts program.

Here is a short video from Transworld that gives some insight to how Quiksilver feeds the Southern California demand of Roxy and Quiksilver products. We are thankful at South Coast to have our long standing relationship with Quiksilver and to be a part of their Core shop program. Watch this video and understand more clearly how Quiksilver makes it possible for us to have a constant stock of Roxy and Quik wetsuits available for purchase in-store and online right here at SouthCoast.com.

If you would like to read more about Quiksilver’s retail brand strategy you can read the following article also at Transworld Business. This more recent article mentions the South Coast PB shop as a perfect example of their retail dedication going forward. In this article Quiksilver EVP of Core Developement Tom Holbrook talks about the evolving retail landscape. And if you haven’t been in to check out the South Coast PB shop remodel our grand re-opening is coming up soon so be there!

Picking out the right wetsuit vest, jacket or rashguard can be a bit of a hassle. Similar to picking out the right kind of wetsuit it really depends on what you’re surfing and where you’re surfing. So before you jump in the water, consider a couple factors that might improve your ocean experience and surf performance.

Water temp

Hyperfreak Crew JacketAlthough this summer’s weather seems promising, the earlier months (mainly June gloom) can put a damper on your beach day plans.  I know wearing things with sleeves in the summer can be frustrating but being comfortable in the water can enhance your performance that much more.  So instead of a vest or a rashguard try something a little more practical like the O’Neil Thinskin Hyperfreak Crew Jacket.  It’s made with UltraFlex DS neoprene, has a super –seal collar and a key pocket.  It’s similar to what the actual fullsuit might be like just with no legs and no over-heating in the summer.  xcel xceleratorAnd though the Hyperfreak is big on function the Xcel suits boast both style and functionality. The Xcel XCELerator is a Nylon-lined 2mm jacket with 1mm sleeves for ultra flexibility.  And since summer is all about the color don’t be afraid to rock a green, grey, or red in the line-up.  The Xcelerator jacket even comes with a waist loop that ties to your boardies to batten down the hatches.  But if you’re looking for some serious core protection, you might just want to take a peek at Rip Curl’s Core Rubber Soul Jacket.  A little more on the soul surfing side, this trendy suit is bringing backRip Curl Wetsuit Jacket the old school look with the old school Rip Curl logo on the front, this jacket is a great way to keep warm.  Use it for dawn patrol, or even just on a windy day.  It’s made with Ultralite and E3 Elastomax neoprene so you can surf and still flex those guns.  The thick neoprene on the core keeps your warm while the flex is all in the sides and underarms so you can keep carving and make those soul turns.

Suns out guns out

Quiksilver Heat Vest

It keeps your core warm and your arms free.  At least this is the case with Quicksilver’s PS+Heat Vest System.  The first of its kind and probable the warmest, this battery operated heating system is built into the suit to keep you warm for hours on end.  By using FAR infrared heating technology the vest ensures warmth of your core and maintains the temperature when placed under a wetsuit.  Looking for something simpler? Look no further than O’Neil’s Hammer Vest.  For under $50 you can keep your midsection warm and your “guns” a blazing in the summer sun. This vest is made with 100% O’Neil’s own premium neoprene, Fluidflex for maximum freedom and minimal restriction.O'Neill Hammer Vest

Guard your goods

Arm freedom of the vest and the protection of the jacket, the rashgaurd is the perfect protection against sunburn, and some gnarly rashes this summer. Both durable and comfortable the Xcel UPF50+ is a Lycra rashguard that does double duty in protecting you.  Despite being thinner than a neoprene vest this long sleeve rashguard comes equipped with UPF 50+ or ultraviolet protection factor with an SPF 50 to block out those harmful rays. xcel rashguardAnd if you’re really feeling like getting your bronze on, it comes in a short sleeve version.  The Xcel UPF50+ short sleeve comes in a blue and white, black and grey, green and white, and a tri-colored black grey and white version.

Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

Quiksilver surfer and Pipeline Specialist Reef Macintosh sports his San Diego Chargers Boardshorts to show some mainland pride. This summer season Quiksilver set out to make the best pair of boardshorts sporting the logos of NFL teams. If you are a die hard Chargers guy then these shorts are for you. Available at South Coast Surf Shop in Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach coming soon to southcoast.com for online purchase. These boardshorts are super charged with all the quality features of quiksilver latest boardshorts.

Retro Blue Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

Retro Blue Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

  • 100% polyester
  • Diamond Dobby DLX, 22 inch outseam
  • Double tie with the new Neo Fly 2.0 stretch stitch at hems, lycra at inside front rise, custom eyelets and hangtag

Show some So Cal pride by riding the lightning in your Chargers boardies out at blacks or when your throwing back a few cold ones with the boys at your favorite tail-gate party on Sundays at Qualcomm.

Retro Blue Buy Online at South Coast

White Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

Quiksilver Chargers NFL BoardshortsThe first week of June 2011 marks the release of the Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts in collaboration with the NFL and San Diego Chargers. Specialty items are always in high demand at South Coast and these new boardshorts are expected to be no exception.
White – Buy Online Here at South Coast

Quiksilver has proudly partnered with the NFL to produce this first-ever, limited edition collection of boardshorts.

For more about these boardshorts visit:

South Coast Surf Shops is a Quiksilver Core Shop which means we are your connection for all limited Quiksilver gear such as the San Diego Chargers Boardshorts.

All pro Chargers center Nick Hardwick surfs a custom South Coast surfboard.

Join us this Saturday April 16th in Pacific Beach for a SALE to benefit Bird Rock Elementary School. All your favorite brands Quiksilver, RVCA, VZ, Nixon sample sale and SC tent sale at up to 50% OFF! Also on the beach after 9am Super Branded Surfboards will be available for demo! Make sure you swing by and get geared up for summer at prices you can’t beat!

Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010

by Dan on November 22, 2010

Budget Wetsuits:

Looking for the best value on a new wetsuit? Don’t have an extra $500 for the latest tech gadgets? Then go back to the basics with the Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, these suits are the best value around. So put that extra $350 back in your pocket and read on!

Billabong Budget Wetsuits

Billabong Foil – The first, but certainly not last of the Budget Wetsuits: Billabong packed the 2010 Foil to the brim with Furnace Lining throughout to keep you dry and warm. SuperFlex light weight stretch zones at flex points increase overall flexibility, while Ergonomic Performance Panels in the lower back to eliminate riding up and keep the Foil at the top of its flexibility game. Functional flexibility at the perfect price.

Xcel X-Zip - From the company responsible for the original front entry fullsuit, XCEL Budget Wetsuitscomes the wallet friendly 2010 Xcel X-Zip chest-zip full. Packed with many of the features found in suits twice the price, the X-Zip comes with super toasty Thermobamboo heat-retaining lining in the chest. Ultrastretch, Ultrasoft upper-body construction paired with SuperStretch lower body and Minimal Seam Design means you’re getting the most flexible suit for your dollar. Xcel tops it all off with reinforced stress points over glued and blindstiched seams for maximum durability.

O’Neill Epic IIO'Neill Budget WetsuitsThe completely redesigned Epic II wetsuits from O’Neill is not your everyday budget wetsuit. In fact O’Neill now incorporates many of the features found in the Psycho series such as: UltraFlex Firewall chest for superior heat insulation, double seal neck closure for flush protection, all new covert blackout zip, and LSD (lumbar seamless design) for ultimate flexibility. Krypto knee pads and an exterior key pocket with loop put this suit over the top as one of the best values around.

Quiksilver SynchroQuiksilver Budget WetsuitsThe 2010 Synchro from Quiksilver wetsuits is here to compete with a great lineup of features and new color ways. Constructed from 100% Hyperstretch II neoprene lined with HFT heating system in the chest to keep you warm and loose. Vaporstretch mesh chest panel offers high end warmth at a great price point, while the Hydroshield water barrier and Hydrowrap adjustable neck closure keep the dreaded flush at bay. Easy access external key pocket on leg allows you to get the car warmed up before you take off half your suit trying to find the poorly placed internal key loop used by some other manufacturers.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol - Rip Curl Budget WetsuitsLast but not least one of our favorite budget wetsuits: 100% Ultralight Elastomax 3 neoprene construction puts the Dawn Patrol on top of the budget game with the lightest, stretchiest material available in a budget suit. Rip Curl Fireskin lining throughout guarantees you’ll outlast the lineup on those chilly morning sessions, while S-Flex knees and reinforced glued and blindstiched seams ensure long lasting performance. All in all, one of the best values around.

South Coast’s Best Budget Wetsuits

Looking for something a little nicer? Warmer? Stretchier? Be sure to also read our 2010 Connoisseurs Wetsuit Guide.

Need Booties? We got you covered there too! The South Coast Bootie Buyer Guide.