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2011 Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco

The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search starts November 1st in Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

“The Rip Curl Pro Search event is always a tour stop I get super excited about. I love the idea of pitching up to a place I haven’t been before. You get to see somewhere different and meet new people. I also love the trying to adapt to waves I’ve never surfed before.”-Mick Fanning

The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search is the only ASP event with a “floating license” on tour. The “floating license” allows Rip Curl to change locations year-to-year. This years location provides diverse conditions that will challenge the world’s best surfers. The event will take place between stairwell 20 at VFW’s north to Kelly’s Cove.

2011 Rip Curl Pro Search

Shop Rip Curl event merchandise available online or any of South Coast’s five retail locations.

The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search San Francicso will be webcast LIVE via


Rip Curl Pro Search SF 2011

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Mick Fanning
Rip Curl Flash Bomb Wetsuit

The New Rip Curl Flash Bomb


    • Flash Dry Lining

No more pulling on a wet, cold wetsuit.

  • E3 Neoprene


Lighter, Warmer, More Flexible.

  • Stichless Technology


Double Taped, Stichless Seam eliminate pin hole leaks, creating maximum stretch and the most waterproof, durable seams.

Surf More
The Flash-Bomb is the next generation in Bomb technology, resulting in the world’s lightest, warmest, most flexible AND FASTEST drying wetsuit.

South Coast Rip Curl Flash Bomb Review

Words: Fabiano Sarmento

Year in and year out our beloved wetsuit companies are faced with the daunting task of updating their suits in attempt to make them a better version than their predecessors. Occasionally after so many alterations they simply can’t call it the same suit; however there are times when new additions create new purpose and with new purpose come a new identity. That’s the case with this year’s induction of the Rip Curl Flash Bomb. Upon first glance of the suit’s exterior it appears near identical to the 2010/2011 F-bomb but the real changes have been made internally to boost this suits new goals; stay as warm as possible with as little neoprene we can get away with and to dry at a rapid pace so by the time were done powering down breakfast our suit is ready for another go.

The primary difference is the new shag carpet lining inside the suit. Yes we’ve all seen different forms of poly pro but if there is any point I can get across it is that they are not all created equal! From the moment I crawled into the Rip Curl Flash Bomb it was as if I was back in my bed rolled up in my blankets. I didn’t get to do a preferred in-water test but I did take 4 ounces of fresh water and pour it onto the suit to see this flash drying for myself. After rubbing the water into the Flash lining I draped it over a bar and watched water quickly sheer away from the center of the chest and right off the legs and neck leaving the chest a lot dryer than my suit which had been lying next to it. Rip Curl kept their word as within about 15 minutes the test site felt as if the suit had only been lightly misted with a spray bottle. The trick is you have to dry the suit vertically. Leaving it bundled up in a ball won’t do much, the suits poly wicks water around but you need to let gravity take it somewhere in order to dry out.

I’ve ridden many Rip Curl F-bombs over the years and this is indeed a new breed. Previous years had the suit bearing significant amounts of extra weight (save last year) especially when wet but they were all damn toasty. The major downside was if you were doing a double session; despite a few hours of drying time the F-bomb would still be a soaking wet rubbery maze that left most of us thinking twice about how bad we wanted to paddle back out. Don’t try and play off you haven’t done it, we all have ditched round 2 just to avoid pulling a cold soaked wetty up to our crotches. Any suit that makes a point of drying fast so I have a better chance of not groaning my way out of double session before noon and being a relatively responsible adult has got my attention.

Now just because the Flash lining has that effect does not mean that the normal external neoprene retains the same quick dry properties so don’t get huffy if the inside is dry but the exterior is damp to the touch. Also remember to dry the suit inside out, seems obvious but I know better than to leave stones un-turned in these reviews. The flash lining’s purpose is to move as much water away from your core heat zones in order to keep you as dry as possible. If you keep the core areas of blood flow dryer they stay warmer. The warmer those areas are, the hotter your blood can stay as it travels to your extremities and essentially trick the rest of your body that you’re not in a freezing cold environment, that’s the purpose of poly-pro in a nut shell. The few panels of the suit that are E3 neoprene (namely the arms and neck) are not critical in keeping warm and frankly would needlessly hold back your paddling had they placed Flash Dry lining in those areas.

If you want to avoid a 4/3 this year and don’t want to order a suit with a detachable hood than I’d say snag one of these. Gauging what water temperatures a suit is utilized in is near impossible. We all run different and we all have our own definitions of warm. There are those whom are just far more active in the water as we paddle battle while others are static waiting on the 50 year storm set. I’ll qualify my range by saying I do a more than a fair amount of paddling and run a little on the warmer side because of that so I’d run this suit comfortably without booties gloves or a hood in 58-53 degree water. Yes that’s a big range but warm to me means I’m able to feel my feet after an hour of surfing and don’t need to cut in early to keep blood in my toes. I also rarely complain about being too hot, nothing a quick dunk can’t fix.

The flexibility for the suit is on par with last years F-bomb. There is a little extra weight than last year’s model (last season was the lightest I’ve experienced of the series) so that may at first feel like it could hold you back but fret not. They kept the Flash liner out of the arms for reducing weight and keeping your pistons going at maximum capacity as you race with the local sponsored grom for a set wave. They also kept liquid taping solely to the external seems for this reason. Liquid tape is excellent for warmth but happens to hinder flexibility as neoprene can now only stretch as far as the tape. Internally they run E3 tape which from my understanding is a neoprene based tape that has a stretch capacity greater than the suit itself. Running double liquid tape would hold the suit back quite a bit, as I’ve experienced in the past while this method keeps the suit nice and free. Last thing you want is have your suit turn into a piece of workout equipment that does more cardio than surfing. If you disagree with that statement then please come surf with me, I’d be all too happy to throw turns on all the waves you’re too exhausted from to paddling into for after your first half hour.

This suit is not for everyone. If you surf every session as if it were a twenty minute NSSA final I’d say shift down into an E-bomb. For those of us who may lack natural insulation, have sensitive joints to the cold, do dawn patrols in 3 foot blown out slop, want to dodge wind-chill, avoid chattering teeth or prefer the swell to fizzle out before we quit then this might be something you need to try on. This also makes an excellent secondary suit for those who like to make the occasional Rincon or Steamer Lane run. Maybe hold back on the bright colors if you’re going anything North of Santa Barbara. When it comes to peeing in one (don’t lie we all do it) I’d say do so at your own risk or make sure you rinse that suit once you’re home. I’ve owned heavy poly suits before and they don’t relinquish odor very easily. Yes the urine would wick its way out quickly but the bacteria and other compounds it leaves behind is what will cause the lovely funk smell we as surfers are all known for having in our trunks and truck beds. Another option is pick up a bottle of Rip Curl’s Piss Off wetsuit cleaner. Stuff is a life saver when it comes to keeping your ride from smelling like a urinal and keeps your suit elastic for longer. All in all the transition from F-bomb to Flash Bomb shouldn’t be to big of a shock to long time F-bomb lovers as the suit hasn’t lost any features more than it has just been upgraded to a new form. -Fabs

The New Rip Curl Flash Bomb Wetsuits are Available Now with Free Shipping at or any of South Coast’s Retail Locations in Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.

Picking out the right wetsuit vest, jacket or rashguard can be a bit of a hassle. Similar to picking out the right kind of wetsuit it really depends on what you’re surfing and where you’re surfing. So before you jump in the water, consider a couple factors that might improve your ocean experience and surf performance.

Water temp

Hyperfreak Crew JacketAlthough this summer’s weather seems promising, the earlier months (mainly June gloom) can put a damper on your beach day plans.  I know wearing things with sleeves in the summer can be frustrating but being comfortable in the water can enhance your performance that much more.  So instead of a vest or a rashguard try something a little more practical like the O’Neil Thinskin Hyperfreak Crew Jacket.  It’s made with UltraFlex DS neoprene, has a super –seal collar and a key pocket.  It’s similar to what the actual fullsuit might be like just with no legs and no over-heating in the summer.  xcel xceleratorAnd though the Hyperfreak is big on function the Xcel suits boast both style and functionality. The Xcel XCELerator is a Nylon-lined 2mm jacket with 1mm sleeves for ultra flexibility.  And since summer is all about the color don’t be afraid to rock a green, grey, or red in the line-up.  The Xcelerator jacket even comes with a waist loop that ties to your boardies to batten down the hatches.  But if you’re looking for some serious core protection, you might just want to take a peek at Rip Curl’s Core Rubber Soul Jacket.  A little more on the soul surfing side, this trendy suit is bringing backRip Curl Wetsuit Jacket the old school look with the old school Rip Curl logo on the front, this jacket is a great way to keep warm.  Use it for dawn patrol, or even just on a windy day.  It’s made with Ultralite and E3 Elastomax neoprene so you can surf and still flex those guns.  The thick neoprene on the core keeps your warm while the flex is all in the sides and underarms so you can keep carving and make those soul turns.

Suns out guns out

Quiksilver Heat Vest

It keeps your core warm and your arms free.  At least this is the case with Quicksilver’s PS+Heat Vest System.  The first of its kind and probable the warmest, this battery operated heating system is built into the suit to keep you warm for hours on end.  By using FAR infrared heating technology the vest ensures warmth of your core and maintains the temperature when placed under a wetsuit.  Looking for something simpler? Look no further than O’Neil’s Hammer Vest.  For under $50 you can keep your midsection warm and your “guns” a blazing in the summer sun. This vest is made with 100% O’Neil’s own premium neoprene, Fluidflex for maximum freedom and minimal restriction.O'Neill Hammer Vest

Guard your goods

Arm freedom of the vest and the protection of the jacket, the rashgaurd is the perfect protection against sunburn, and some gnarly rashes this summer. Both durable and comfortable the Xcel UPF50+ is a Lycra rashguard that does double duty in protecting you.  Despite being thinner than a neoprene vest this long sleeve rashguard comes equipped with UPF 50+ or ultraviolet protection factor with an SPF 50 to block out those harmful rays. xcel rashguardAnd if you’re really feeling like getting your bronze on, it comes in a short sleeve version.  The Xcel UPF50+ short sleeve comes in a blue and white, black and grey, green and white, and a tri-colored black grey and white version.

Rip Curl Watches

All Rip Curl Watches are 100% Waterproof Tested

Rip Curl watches are tested to the highest industry standards with the best Swiss pressure testing equipment and are purpose built for SURFING!

Rip Curl Avalon Oceantide Watch

Rip Curl Watches Avalon$74
Throw away all those tide charts in your glove box and replace them with the Rip Curl Avalon Oceantide Watch. Rip Curls patented Automatic Tide System easily sets to thousands of beaches worldwide to give you precise tide info right on your wrist. The ABS plastic casing and polyurethane band are ready for years of salt water abuse and are tested waterproof up to 100m. Making sure this watch isnt just a one trick pony Rip Curl added other key features as well. With a stop watch, heat timer, alarm, second time zone, backlight, and a future tide reading, we really cant think of anything else you would need.
Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl Trestles Watch

You know exactly when and where the surf’s up because you have a Rip Curl Trestles Oceansearch Watch on your wrist. This digital watch comes pre-programmed with tide information for 200 locations and if your local beach or the one you plan to travel to next week isn’t on that list, you can add it in.
Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl Rincon Oceansearch Watch

From the Rip Curl Oceansearch series, the Rincon tide watch features preprogrammed tide data for 200 beaches and can be set for thousands of other beaches throughout the world. Includes the Spot X function, future tide, heat timer, stop watch an more. It has a 100% marine grade stainless steel case with screw in case back, polyurethane strap and hardened mineral crystal face. Tested to 200m depth.
Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl Eclipse Tidemaster Watch

As captain you have a lot of responsibilities, and you like to run a tight ship. Naturally you need a reliable time piece. Well, slap the Rip Curl Men’s Eclipse SS Tidemaster Watch on your wrist and make sure the cabin boy is swabbing the deck on schedule. The marine-grade stainless steel laughs at salty and wet expeditions, and with the Automatic Tide System you’ll always know when to set sail.
Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl Shipstern Tide Master 2 Watch

A new classic in the line of Tidemaster watches from Rip Curl. It is made from a 316L stainless steel, which is the highest grade of stainless steel for water resistance, strength and non-corrosion in a marine environment. Also features an automatic tide system (ATS) and is easily set to thousands of beaches worldwide. The watch has 4 seals for extreme water resistance and a depth rating of 200m complete the package.

Rip Curl E-bomb

Rip Curl E-Bomb

“I hate wearing wetsuits!” I hear it almost every time I paddle out. “I can’t wait for summer so we can trunk it, I feel like I can’t even move in this suit,” that sentence rings in my ears for almost the entire winter season.  After doing some research, I found a couple ways to release the death grip your old winter wetsuit has been restricting your body with.

Rip Curl E-BombLooking for a new wetsuit can be as long and rigorous as a day of “the perfect jean” shopping with your girlfriend, sister, or mother. Naturally there are always some questions about the right suit to select when picking the perfect piece to complete your shred sesh, which is really only made of three things: wave, E-Bomb, board. Boom!

Sleek, smooth, thorough, with adjectives like these the Rip Curl E-Bomb could be considered the James Bond of wetsuits.  And even though it may seem like it’s scientific make up is too complicated for the average surfer, the E-bomb is perfect for any level of surfing.  Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or even a Pro, this clean looking classic is well worth the wear and purchase.

Let’s start with the name: E-Bomb.  Sounds dangerous, right? Wrong. However, amount of flex in this wetsuit alone is practically lethal. Now one of the most flexible high-performance suits on the market today, the Rip Curl E-Bomb has 30% more stretch than the normal E3.  So what does this 100% E3 third generation Elastomax Neoprene mean? It means sweet stretchy freedom for your upper back and under arms, especially with the 4-way back stretch design.  Everyone knows when you can flex better, you move better, and when you move better your session is better.

The E-Bomb was made with minimal seam restriction in mind. As if that’s not enough variety in a wetsuit, Rip Curl has made three variations of the E-Bomb Full suit to fit your liking.  The E-Bomb Chest Zip that comes in both 3/2 and 4/2, the Back Zip in both 3/2/ and 4/2/, and the Pro-Zip in the 3/2 version of the instant Rip Curl classic.  The Back Zip is perfect for the more decided surfer.  Some people know what they want, like what they surf in and enjoy the classic back zip.  The Chest Zip provides great insulation with the classic comfort of the back zip with a modern twist on the typical zipper location protocol.  The same can be said for the Pro Chest Zip that boasts a stash pocket, flex knees, and seamless underarms. So now that we’ve broken down the science of the Rip Curl E-Bomb, the only real question is when are you going to stop wasting time and start paddling back out? Pick up one of these flex machines at any South Coast Surf Shops or online at and get back in the water.

Rip Curl E-Bomb

Rip Curl E-Bomb Wetsuits

Rip Curl Soul Surfer

Rip Curl Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton

Rip Curl Soul Surfer

I paddled out right around sunset at the jetty. I didn’t think about what had happened earlier that day, what I was going to do after, or even what I was doing at that moment. It’s all muscle memory anyway. All my thoughts melted away somewhere in the sand. I paddled out to the break, right hand stretched out to the top of my board, left arm dangling in the water. I felt the cool ocean flow between my fingers. I didn’t think about school, how shrinking paychecks dictate my now canned tuna and Tapatio hot sauce diet, work, the fact that my gaslight had been on for a couple days. It also didn’t dawn on me that this is probably what professional Rip Curl Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton was doing on Halloween morning in 2003, excluding the tuna and gaslight. She was enjoying the ocean, and nothing else.

A flash of grey, massive pressure, and red everywhere as blood stained the ocean water all around her in what was perhaps one of the most horrific and terrifying moments in her life. The young surfer was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark while surfing one of her favorite spots on Kauai. Despite having lost her arm she continues to follow her dreams and ambitions and is as driven as ever. Almost a decade later she is fully recovered, surfing professionally, and using her story to encourage others to get back on the board. Her new movie, Soul Surfer is out in theaters everywhere on April 8th, and is really more of a documented Biography. After losing her arm Hamilton feared never being able to surf again.

The movie is the story of her struggle to get back in the water and learn how to cope with her new life. Directed by Sean McNamara, it was filmed in Hawaii and casts Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt as Hamilton’s parents not to mention the likes of Anna Sophia Robb as Bethany, and even Carrie Underwood as her encouraging youth pastor, not a bad casting line up for a surf movie. Besides the A-list celebs and incredible story, the movie is a depiction of Hamilton’s beliefs, values, and dreams. Being able to paddle out is a privilege, and sometimes we may take it for granite or just not think about it. Hamilton encourages people in her movie to keep fighting. In an interview with pro surfer Mary Osborne, Hamilton said the one thing she wanted young girls to know was to, “Live your dreams and work hard at what you believe in stand firm and don’t let the world tell you are what you aren’t.

To find out more about Bethany Hamilton or her new movie Rip Curl Soul Surfer you can visit her website:

Shop for Soul Surfer Merchandise from Rip Curl check out a few select items below.
Rip Curl Soul Surfer Tank TopRip Curl Soul Surfer HatRip Curl Soul Surfer Clothing

Rip Curl Soul Surfer

Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010

by Dan on November 22, 2010

Budget Wetsuits:

Looking for the best value on a new wetsuit? Don’t have an extra $500 for the latest tech gadgets? Then go back to the basics with the Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, these suits are the best value around. So put that extra $350 back in your pocket and read on!

Billabong Budget Wetsuits

Billabong Foil – The first, but certainly not last of the Budget Wetsuits: Billabong packed the 2010 Foil to the brim with Furnace Lining throughout to keep you dry and warm. SuperFlex light weight stretch zones at flex points increase overall flexibility, while Ergonomic Performance Panels in the lower back to eliminate riding up and keep the Foil at the top of its flexibility game. Functional flexibility at the perfect price.

Xcel X-Zip - From the company responsible for the original front entry fullsuit, XCEL Budget Wetsuitscomes the wallet friendly 2010 Xcel X-Zip chest-zip full. Packed with many of the features found in suits twice the price, the X-Zip comes with super toasty Thermobamboo heat-retaining lining in the chest. Ultrastretch, Ultrasoft upper-body construction paired with SuperStretch lower body and Minimal Seam Design means you’re getting the most flexible suit for your dollar. Xcel tops it all off with reinforced stress points over glued and blindstiched seams for maximum durability.

O’Neill Epic IIO'Neill Budget WetsuitsThe completely redesigned Epic II wetsuits from O’Neill is not your everyday budget wetsuit. In fact O’Neill now incorporates many of the features found in the Psycho series such as: UltraFlex Firewall chest for superior heat insulation, double seal neck closure for flush protection, all new covert blackout zip, and LSD (lumbar seamless design) for ultimate flexibility. Krypto knee pads and an exterior key pocket with loop put this suit over the top as one of the best values around.

Quiksilver SynchroQuiksilver Budget WetsuitsThe 2010 Synchro from Quiksilver wetsuits is here to compete with a great lineup of features and new color ways. Constructed from 100% Hyperstretch II neoprene lined with HFT heating system in the chest to keep you warm and loose. Vaporstretch mesh chest panel offers high end warmth at a great price point, while the Hydroshield water barrier and Hydrowrap adjustable neck closure keep the dreaded flush at bay. Easy access external key pocket on leg allows you to get the car warmed up before you take off half your suit trying to find the poorly placed internal key loop used by some other manufacturers.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol - Rip Curl Budget WetsuitsLast but not least one of our favorite budget wetsuits: 100% Ultralight Elastomax 3 neoprene construction puts the Dawn Patrol on top of the budget game with the lightest, stretchiest material available in a budget suit. Rip Curl Fireskin lining throughout guarantees you’ll outlast the lineup on those chilly morning sessions, while S-Flex knees and reinforced glued and blindstiched seams ensure long lasting performance. All in all, one of the best values around.

South Coast’s Best Budget Wetsuits

Looking for something a little nicer? Warmer? Stretchier? Be sure to also read our 2010 Connoisseurs Wetsuit Guide.

Need Booties? We got you covered there too! The South Coast Bootie Buyer Guide.

by Robb Bailey

I know we’ve all said it to ourselves while bobbing around with some buddies in cold, less than perfect conditions…

“We could make a million dollars if we invented a heated wetsuit!”

All our collective efforts were too slow. Rip Curl went ahead and made the impossible a reality with the core-heated H-Bomb wetsuit. Sorry guys–in the future, you’ll have to wain your fortunes on something other than toaster oven/neoprene fires in the garage.

After a few years of R&D, trial & error, and a little Tom & Jerry, the team over at Rip Curl wetsuits has put together a pretty advanced system for heating your body’s core in the icy cold H2O. It’s functional, easy to use, and most of all, it’s hot. Really hot. [click to continue…]

Surfrider Events For September

by Robb on September 16, 2007

by Robb Bailey

Rip Curl Pro Team Signing BBQ and fundraiser for Save Trestles

Friday September 14th @ 4 p.m.
Rip Curl Surf Center : 3801 S. El Camino Real San Clemente , CA 92672

This event was organized by the Surfrider Foundation to raise awareness about the Save Trestles campaign and to mingle with the Rip Curl Pro Team – Mick and crew! Trestles surf break is being threatened by a toll road that would harm water quality and the wave formation at this world renowned beach. Come out to learn more about what is being done to Save Trestles, and see your favorite surfers.

What exactly is threatening Trestles?
The Transportation Corridor Agency is seeking to build an extension to the existing 241 Toll Road. If constructed, not only would this project directly threaten the world class surf break at and around Trestles (including Uppers, Lowers, Middles, Church and Cottons), the project would also result in the obliteration of Southern California’s last remaining pristine coastal watershed.

If you want to read more about how to Save Trestles, please click here to read more about the cause: or

Paddle For Clean Water – Sunday September 16th at the Ocean Beach Pier

The Paddle for Clean Water is a non-competitive event that consists of hundreds of local beach goers paddling around the Ocean Beach Pier in a joint effort to bring awareness to the pollution problem along San Diego’s coastline. This is a free event, and all ocean enthusiasts are invited to participate. As part of the festivities, there is also a free breakfast for all paddlers, guest speakers, music, a huge raffle, and a beach cleanup.

The Surfrider Foundation chose the OB Pier parking lot for the Post Paddle Party – a Festival For Healthy Oceans. The fun starts at 9:30 a.m., and lasts until 6 p.m. with great live bands, a kids art contest, dance and drum performances, and an art show at Rock Paper Scissors.

The Ocean Beach Pier is the longest on the west coast and the total paddle distance is less than one mile. The OB Geriatrics Surf Club provides a safety team in the water surrounding the pier and a lifeguard boat will be present. There is no time limit. Surfrider encourages people to pace themselves and socialize along the way. Do yourself a favor and get in the water and paddle around if you have not been wet lately!

This year there is a Post Paddle Party, a Festival for Healthy Oceans immediately following the Paddle until 6 p.m. at the Ocean Beach Pier parking lot. The event includes art, craft, and food vendors; health and wellness booths; dance performances; live bands; a kid’s art contest, and an environmentally themed art show at Rock Paper Scissors Galleria, located at 4967 Newport Ave. The art show will be at Rock Paper Scissors for two weeks after the event. In addition, Stone Brewing Co. is hosting a beer garden at the Post Paddle Party for those who are 21 and up.

Event timeline:

1. 9am Breakfast is served
2. 10am Paddle start.
3. 11am Group photo, guest speakers, raffle, etc.
4. Noon-6pm is the Post Paddle Party, a Festival for Health Oceans.

The OB Pier and Pier parking lot are located at the intersection of Newport Ave. and Abbot Ave. in Ocean Beach San Diego, 92107.