The South Coast Closeout Store: A Hidden Gem

By Robb Bailey

Just around the corner from South Coast Surf Shops in Ocean Beach lies a hidden gem. This is a place where the South Coast family has made deals available to its customers of up to 50% off original price on past season’s items. If you have not heard of this little-known secret, take a look at the map.

From the two South Coast Surf Shop locations on Newport Avenue, head North on Bacon Street. One half block later on your left you will see the South Coast Closeout Store, where you can find a deal on just about anything.

What’s in the Closeout Store?
Everything in the closeout store is ON SALE. Most of the items in the store are the last of our inventory, and new items are placed in the Closeout store on a weekly basis. You can expect to see 40-60% off consistently throughout the store.

* Men’s and Women’s flip flops and footwear
* Sunscreen and Sunglasses
* Women’s Bikinis and Boardshorts
* Men’s Walkshorts and Boardshorts
* Purses and Handbags for the Ladies
* Surfboards and Wetsuits on Consignment
* Kid’s stuff
*Shirts, Tops, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tees, and more

Great, when can I go in there and start shopping?
The Closeout Store is open Wednesday-Sunday from 12noon-6pm daily. Get there early as the best deals are put on the shelves before we open our doors every day.

Can I put something for sale (on consignment) in the Closeout Store?
Yes, at this time the Closeout Store is taking wetsuits and surfboards for consignment. Limited to the amount of space at any given time and check the shop for consignment rates. Bring your stuff in!

The South Coast Closeout Store is located at 1930 Bacon St. San Diego, CA 92107.