2010-2011 Scholastic Surf Series Season Results for South Coast Team Riders

Scholastic Surf Series

Scholastic Surf SeriesThe Scholastic Surf Series formerly the Interscholastic Surfing Federation recently completed their 2010-2011 season with some of our South Coast Team Riders finishing with some very impressive results.

In the High School Section 1 & 2, the short board year end results put Cody Sherman in 2nd. Nice job Cody. Kudos to Spencer Bingham with his 17 place finish as a freshman.
In long board, Josh LaRocco finished in 2nd place as a freshman. Way to show the older class surfers how it’s done.
In women’s short board our Katie Majors finished a respectable 12th but much more impressive was her 1st place finish in the women’s long board division. Welcome to the team Katie!

In the San Diego County Middle School series we had some impressive results as well. Sean Purbaugh finished the year ranked 9th in short board and 6th in long board. As a 7th grader Sean will be taking home lots of hardware next year as an 8th grader.
Zack Clark finished up the year 7th in short board and 1st in long board. Zack was undefeated in all 5 events dominating that division with the sweep.

Congratulations go out to all our young team riders for a job well done in the Scholastic Surf Series!

Scholastic Surf Series