The Giving Movement: TOMS Shoes

001One For One

TOMS- if you haven’t heard of this one-for-one shoe concept then you might as well be living under a rock! TOMS was founded by American traveler, Blake Mycoskie, in 2006 when he befriended children in an Argentinian village and found they did not have protection for their feet. He came up with a one-for-one concept where every pair of TOMS that is purchased, one will be provided for a child in need. This motto has held true today and TOMS has improved the “Giving Pairs” of shoes to Read more

Reef Shoes – Ridiculously Comfortable Surf Footwear

Reef Shoes
Reef Shoes
Reef Shoes Soul Slip-on


Everyone is talking about closed toe shoes from Reef that are all new for 2011. South Coast is one of the few select core shop to have offer the new Reef shoes. Lucky for you we have selected 11 new pairs of Reef shoes and have made them available for you to shop and purchase online here at!

These shoes are everything Reef is claiming them to be in regards to being ridiculously comfortable. We get customers in our shops trying them on everyday confirming the comfort of these new Reef shoes. We have tested the durability and construction of these and can make for great skate shoes. They can be surprisingly warm in the colder months yet very breathable when the temperatures are up in the summer. Half of the styles we offer online which you can see below are slip-on which means no hassle of laces. If you like the look and function of laces you’re covered there as well. Fairly priced at $45 to $55 dollars you’ll be getting a new favorite pair of shoes that you receive a ton of compliments from. Don’t be a fool pick up a pair of these coastal cruisers today!

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Deckhand 2Deckhand 3Deckhand 3 Brown

Stanley Black
Stanley Blue Tan
Soul Slip On
Deckhand 3 Black
Soul Wolf Tan

Reef Shoes