It’s Time for a Reality Check

By Jody Wood

Last month, Robin Prodanovich and I discussed his latest creation, the Prod Quad. This month, we take a look at another orginal Prodanovich design that is a great choice for the upcoming season. The Reality Check serves many purposes. It is a great transitional board for the entry level surfer who wants to step it up a notch, but also a fine choice for salty rippers as an alternative to their high performance shortboard. It is also not a bad idea for the aging surfer who could use a little more foam to keep your wave count high. Here, Robin goes into the details of the design and its functionality.

Reality Check Surfboard shaped by Robin Prodanovich for South Coast Surf Shops

  • How did the Reality Check design come about? The Reality Check design was born back in 2002. Surfers of all ability levels were struggling on their very low volume shortboards when wave conditions were poor and not having much fun. I saw a need for a shortboard with greater versatility.
  • What separates it from a standard short board design? The RC is basically a standard shortboard that has been filled out. It has standard shortboard proportions based on nose, center and tail widths and is similar in thickness. The biggest difference in planlines between the two boards would be the proportionately wider nose on the RC. The RC bottom contour differs by using the tried and true flat-to-V bottom with attention to the overall rocker curve. Read more

Focus on the Prod Quad

By Jody W. Wood & Robin Prodanovich

Robin Prodanovich is a San Diego native and long time board shaper for South Coast Surf Shop. He’s an avid shortboarder and doesn’t even own a longboard. Summer time in Southern California can lend itself to plenty of long, hot, and nearly completely flat days.

So, what’s a shortboarder to do after checking the surf day after day and finding another meager set of knee to waist high waves rolling through a crowd of a hundred of our closest friends?

Rather than dragging out a log or an old school fish, Robin decided to take matters into his own hands. He began working on a design of his own that would allow shortboarders to surf those small days, without compromising performance.

Prodanovich Quad Surfboard model by South Coast Surf Shops

The Prod Quad, now available exclusively at South Coast Surf Shops, is the result of his efforts. Here, Robin provides a little insight into how this model came about and what it’s good for: Read more

Shaper/Designer Larry Ricci Explains The Grom Model

Jody W. Wood

In the past, a lot of young groms who were just getting into surfing, often took to the waves on their dad or older brother’s old board, or maybe an old school, yard sale special. But, the times, they are a changing. Performance, at all age levels, has increased over the years with changes in design and materials. Young groms are ripping at a level not seen by many pros 20 years ago. That type of performance surfing doesn’t happen by accident. Kids are starting out younger and younger, with goals and plans to be professional surfers. And chances are, the kid down the street isn’t riding his dad’s 7’6″ Egg anymore. Now, there are high performance shortboards designed especially for the little guys, scaled down versions of one’s the big boys ride.

Larry Ricci, surfboard shaper/designer for South Coast Surf Shops talks about the Grom Model seen in Surfshot Magazine this month with team rider Jay Christensen.

1. What is the idea behind the Grom Model?

“Over the last ten years the technical ability of younger surfers has improved dramatically. These kids require fine-tuned, high performance surfboards to compliment their ability. They are tireless wave mongers. They want to go fast, get air, carve, snap, and tube ride. Robin Prodanovich and I are just as fired up to provide the vehicle for the next generation.

2. What kind of feedback have you gotten from the kids riding them?

“I’m truly impressed with the articulation and detailed feedback we get from the kids. They are so much more informed and in tune with design concepts than ever before. They understand rocker, outline, rail volume, fins, etc. Their input has been incredibly positive.

3. What sizes are the boards available in?

“Usually 5’10” and under. Eight year-old team rider Ryland Rubens is currently riding a 4’10”.

4. Do you feel these boards will help speed the learning curve for surfers who might have, in the past, been stuck with their dad’s old board?

“Once they reach a certain performance level, they want a board designed especially for them. They don’t want to ride their dad’s old board anymore.

5. How long have these boards been in the works between yourself and Robin?

“As the performance curve has widened to include younger and younger surfers, so has the demand for the appropriate equipment. Robin and I draw from our years of experience and, especially, rider feedback to continue the development as these kids lead us to the next level.”

6. Are the grom models available in the shops or are they all customs so far?

“There are some grom models in our current inventory, but custom orders are the most popular right now. You can personally speak to Robin or myself about a custom design by appointment.”

OB’s Only Surf Shop Dedicated to Longboards

By Jody Wood

We are rapidly entering the holiday shopping season, which officially kicked off the Friday after Thanksgiving, and if you, or someone you know, is an avid longboarder or someone looking to get started, there’s no better place to shop than South Coast Longboards. Located at 5037 Newport Avenue, in Ocean Beach, just a half-block from the beach itself, the shop caters to stylists and soul surfers.

The shop has a wide variety of South Coast longboards, everything from old school single fins, to modern performance oriented 2+1 set-ups. Most of the boards there are shaped by San Diego native and longtime surfer/shaper Robin Prodanivich, who carved out his first board back in 1968. Robin’s professional shaping career began with nine years at Gordon and Smith, before he ventured out on his own. He’s been cranking out South Coast boards now for more than ten years and the variety of shapes available at the longboard store covers everyone from the beginner to the rippers and everything in between. Custom shapes are also available. Just talk to a member of the friendly staff if you are interested in having a board shaped specifically for you and they are happy to get the ball rolling.

Not only does South Coast Longboards carry a wide selection of its own brand, the staff keeps a steady supply of Stewarts, Gordon and Smith, and Donald Takayama boards on hand as well. Although the shop is geared toward longboards, it also has a good selection of G&S funboards and fish, as well as a rack full of used boards, leashes, wetsuits by O’neill, car racks, and all the other gear you need to complete your surfing setup.

And since you can’t wear your wetsuit all the time, they have plenty of clothing available to help avoid any indecent exposure type siutations. Quiksilver Edition, Old Guys Rule, and Honolua to name just a few brands, along with a good supply of South Coast t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. You can also find comfortable footwear from Rainbow, Reef, Vans, and Simple, with something for everyone in the family.

So, when you are ready to get the ball rolling with your holiday shopping, be sure to stop by South Coast Longboards and let our knowledgeable surfing crew help you get the right gift for your family and friends.

South Coast Longboards
5037 Newport Avenue Ocean Beach, CA 92107
(619) 223-8808

Announcing the South Coast Surfboard Giveaway Winner!

Simon, congratulations on winning our “email sign-up to win a free South Coast Surfboard” contest!

How did you hear about our contest?

I was poking around some boards in your Bacon Street shop and got chatting to Kevin who was real helpful. I can’t really remember filling out the form at the counter, but I’m glad I did.  I never win anything apart from the time I guessed the number of marshmallows in the jar which I got – bang on…256! Yeah, I was sick for days.

So, I understand you are not in the country right now, where are you?

I’m in New Zealand… it’s made up of a couple of islands so there’s always surf and its always offshore somewhere. Great place for exploring and you can’t get more than 100 miles from the coast if you try. This time of year you can snowboard in the morning and surf in the afternoon, although the water gets a bit chill. Awesome, except I can’t pick up my board till I get back!

What style of board do you typically ride?

I’ve got a 6’0 fish I bought in Brazil, a 6’3 6 channel Byrne Surftech, which is unreal for down the line waves and all the speed you need, an old original Byrne 6’3 6 channel, which was made in Oz about 20 years ago. It’s such a fun board to ride and it’s like going back in history each time I dig it out. I also have a 6’6 rounded pin for larger hollow waves. Oh, and a 1976 longboard which I can hardly lift which I leave for those small summer days when there’s not much else to do.

What style of South Coast board do you think you will order?

How many am I allowed again? Just one? I’ve actually been looking at getting a smaller board for those to 2-3 ft summer days where I get out of bed late and the wind has junked up the waves but still go for a surf, something in the 5’10 range and also quite like the idea of a quad. What would you recommend??

Thanks again South Coast!!

Simon Winter