Quiksilver Synchro Spring Suit – South Coast Spring Wetsuit Buyers Guide

Quiksilver Synchro Spring WetsuitThe Synchro line from Quiksilver is the starter set of their wetsuit line. Suits and accessories alike the features maintain solid price point purchases that gets you what you need to stay warm. This line is perfect for surfers just starting out or for the season vets who just bought the top of the line wetsuit and want to avoid an overdraft on top tier gloves and hoods. The Synchro 1mm pullover Vest is a year round accessory that can accommodate any budget and situation. This vest is that extra piece of material to keep your back from frying in the summer sun, avoid some of that afternoon breeze cutting back your wave count and all without the cost of sweating out all your endurance with its low millimeter weight. The other end of the spectrum is that the vest is thin enough to be worn comfortably under a wetsuit. We’ve seen guys take thick smoothie lined vests under a normal full suit and the results end up looking like something along the lines of a failed Houdini trick. This slim vest doesn’t impede any paddle zones on its own so in those harsh winter months where a 4/3 is too bulky and the 3/2 is just shy of comfortable this little nugget bridges the gap. An extra $45 for a vest that can be used year round versus an extra $260 investment for a solid 4/3 is a choice I can easily weight out in more post surf burritos.

The Short John is one of my favorite wetsuits to wear. I get near the freedom of trunks but I get the added warmth and sun protection from a wetsuit that doesn’t inhibit my movements. Quik has their version as the Synchro 2/1mm Short John. The suit’s leg cut is just above the knee but not so high that you’re something out of an 80’s Maui and Suns add. There’s nothing to for a knee to get caught on and no worries off pulling a “Bruce Flash” on a bad fall. The the sleeves are broad over your traps as to avoid pinching; there is no sense in wearing a wetsuit if it feels as if you’re surfing with a monkey on your back. If you’re the type that has shoulder concerns or just hates wearing neoprene in general I recommend trying a Short John on in the dressing room and let the difference speak for itself. I love seeing a good short sleeve wetsuit tan during summer but these are just as functional as their longer armed cousins with the added ease of a no legged wettie.

The Synchro 1.5mm Jacket is the quick stop of the line (pun partially intended). This is the jacket we’ll toss to any and all who simply need something fast. If you don’t have much time to tell us at the shop your specific needs other than “I need something more than trunks” while all your buddies are threating to leave you behind if you don’t hurry up this what you’ll end up with in your hands. It runs 100% of Quiksilver’s hyper stretch material making it one of the most flexible price point jackets on the market. The Jacket runs a flat lock stitch for breathable seams though I myself prefer a glued seam this keeps costs down and a more comfortable touch on the average surfer’s skin. The jacket also runs a short zipper in the back to add ease of removal, if you just spent all day surfing the last thing you want is a 10 minute wrestling match to get your jacket off. It’s a simple design with a 1.5 mm thickness you can throw on and go surf with confidence in most conditions.

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