South Coast Tees make looking good oh so easy.

When it comes to tradition, South Coast Surf Shops has a long history of stylish and quality private label brand clothing.  This spring we’re giving you the another chance to jump into summer looking like a million bucks… well at least for most of us at least a 1000 big ones.  As the weather starts to turn, you should be dropping your hoodies for much more comfortable and relaxing tees.  But alas, looking in that closet all you see is plain black and white, boring, and holey tees.  How can you make an impression or turn heads when that hole in the armpit is stopping you from waving at those you pass?  Fear not, those in need of a little something called “style” can look no further than South Coast to save you from just another tee.

Whether it’s that beautiful art design or a shot of your favorite local surf break, South Coast has the goods.  This spring we have continued to give you all the classic looks with some amazing new design logos.  As the video above showed, there’s a look for just about anyone.  South Coast has always been a great place to stop in for the locals, but it also makes the perfect gift for those who want to bring home a gift that makes women cry in happiness and men bow in respect.  So maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but a South Coast tee is a pleasant surprise for those unlucky enough to not join you on your San Diego trip.  If your a local, then take part in the surf tradition that has been around for over 30 years and pick one up for yourself.

Anyone can wear a plain colored tee that says “brand-x”, but try getting out of that comfort zone and let South Coast help you dress to impress.  Summer is just around the corner and you can be the one with a fresh new tee on while that other person has to hide their holey shirt in shame.  For all your surf need stop in at one of our five South Coast locations or visit us at southcoast .com for shopping made easy and fun.