Nixon Headphones Will Blow Your Mind!

Nixon Headphones Will Blow Your Mind!

Nixon HeadphonesNixon HeadphonesNixon Headphones

When you think of Nixon most likely you think of their edgy and quality driven watches. They have made their mark on the surf industry for years and continue to launch new and exciting watch designs for all occasions. What you may not know is that Nixon has recently ventured into the headphone market. Taking the technology they have applied to their wrist wear and modifying it for your listening pleasure. South Coast Surf Shops is one of the few proud vendors in the San Diego area to currently carry Nixon headphones. I took a test drive of some of the popular Nixon Headphones we carry to compare just how well they hold up to other brands.

Coming into this assignment of trying out the Nixon Headphones brand I was a bit skeptical. I have always been a fanatic of the brand that rhymes with rose. Most would figure it to be a daunting test for Nixon to match up with some of the more elite classes of headphones. What I found was actually surprising, and a good sign of things to come for Nixon. I tried out three of the styles of headphones we carry at South Coast currently. In no particular order, the Nomadic, the Trooper, and lastly the Whip.

Using my trusty famous Mac player I strapped in for the test. The Whip was the first headphone I tried out. At first glance it doesn’t scream quality, but I was surprisingly wrong. The sound came out crisp and I was able to adjust the sound level to an almost unbearable scream. The design is light weight making it perfect for the running enthusiasts. A variety of eye catching colors made them stand out just enough, and the price was competitive based on industry standards. My only complaint was the somewhat uncomfortable design. Not exactly what your looking for in that cross country commute. Overall, a perfect fit for those looking for a inexpensive headphone with a kick in sound.

The next two test subject were the Nomadic and the Trooper. Both larger than the previously mentioned Whip, but not too bulky. As sound quality goes, these two models really hit the mark. Compared to some of the past headphones I have owned, I could definitely hear the difference in quality. A really crisp sound allowed for my songs to pop. An adjustable ear volume control system was efficient and quality driven. The Nomadic style had foam padding on the ear and I was not thrilled at first to put them on. It seemed a bit cheap for a higher end model. I was definitely proven wrong. The foam was comfortable and would be great for extended usage. Overall, both of these headphones were a pleasant surprise in the mid to upper price range. Check out South Coast’s web-page for a more detailed description of each of these headphones features.

Change is often a difficult concept when it comes to technology you are comfortable with. Most times we will just roll with whatever next year’s model is for the same company. I have been a fan of certain headphone brands and had a bit of a hesitant pause to change to Nixon. After trying out their new models I left impressed with sound quality and looking forward to what comfort upgrades they will make in the near future. If your looking to branch out to a new headphone, try out Nixon’s new styles. For all your Nixon and other surf needs, stop in at one of South Coast Surf Shops five locations, or visit us online.

Nixon Headphones Will Blow Your Mind!