Team Rider Cory Edging Back in Action

We just got word from our team rider Cory Edging. You remember him being featured in Surfer Magazine (May 2010 issue, page 20 of the Hot 100 section) well since then he has recovered from some injuries and is now back in action. He wrote us with a few words about his recovery and also provided us with a video edit he threw together on his personal computer. Looks to us like injury hasn’t set this guy back one bit! Check out his commentary below along with the video. Best wishes on your continued recovery and staying healthy so you can continue doing what you love.

Hey every at SC!! Just checkin in. Finally started surfing again a few weeks ago (shoulder popped out in November AFTER surgery). Feels great to get back in the water. Shoulder is def not 100% but I don’t know if it ever will be. I bought this brace that football players wear to keep their arms from popping out. It has this vest harness then another strap that goes around your arm so it kinda put your arm on a leash and prevents the motion that causes it to pop out. So far so good.

Surf has been super fun up here. Had like a 3 week period of offshores and waves the whole time. Went up to Santa Cruz last weekend and scored some super fun surf at Moss Landing considering the weather. We were just on it at the right times.

Anyways, here is a little video I made today. I just found out that my computer came with a video editing program. I only had a total of 7 clips so its nothing special and it’s my first edit ever, but I am satisfied. This was the first session back after surgery. Out of the water for 17 weeks. I really prob shouldnt have got in the water then, but my buddy Max (that shot the Surfer Mag photo) just got a new housing for his 7d camera, so….haha. It shoots 60 frames per second so you can go super slow mo. I was boggin left and right, but it never felt so good to get wet again.