Billabong Takes Their Wetsuits to the Next Level

Billabong Andy Davis Heritage jacketBillabong Heritage long john

Billabong Wetsuits for You Right Now

Billabong  gets creative by teaming up with avid surfer and artist Andy Davis! Andy Davis is known for his fluid drawings of surfers and waves. With Billabong by his side, they collaborated this spring for a collection that’s cool and functional! Get away from the standard black colorway for wetsuits and try these classic colors! Perfect for warmer water, the Heritage long sleeve jacket is the way to go!  Heritage is a Read more

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuit

Quiksilver Cypher Fullsuit 2011

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuits are made with Bio fleece thermal neoprene, fiberlite neoprene and flexmax seam seal to keep you warm. The Beadlock wrist, ankle and shoulder seals make sure that the chilly water doesn’t sneak in! Available in 3/2 or 4/3.

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuits

Bio fleece Thermal Neoprene is the perfect marriage of XTX closed-cell Neoprene foam, and Bio fleece jersey made with recycled PET and infused with bamboo charcoal and nylon jersey.

Fiber-Lite Neoprene starts with the lightest closed- cell neoprene foam available: XTX. It has closed-cell Neoprene foam with countless microscopic air cells to trap and contain warmth. The nylon jersey is infused with bamboo charcoal which is anti-microbial for less stink. Because of Quiksilver’s unique materials, weaving, and lamination process, the FIBER-LITE NEOPRENE is 14% more flexible, absorbs less water, dries faster, and weighs less than anything you can imagine.

Flexmax Seal technology takes it to the next level of performance with a tape/seal construction that allows for extremely flexible seams coupled with this extra layer of critical waterproofing. Flexmax SeamSeal is the warmest, most waterproof system with maximized comfort and flexibility.

Quiksilver Wetsuits

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuit

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Fullsuit

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuits are now at South Coast!

The Cypher FuseFlex is made with FuseFlex stitchless seam technology with Plio-Tech air chamber neoprene combined with Biofleece thermal lining and waterproof YKK chest zip to keep you warm.

Quiksilver Cypher FuseFlex Wetsuit

  • FuseFlex Seam Technology
  • Plio Tech Air Chamber Neoprene
  • Biofleece Thermal Neoprene Front
  • Fiberlite Neoprene
  • Hydrolock dry chest zip entry

VIDEO: Rip Curl 2011 2012 Fullsuit Wetsuits with Dave Taxer at the South Coast PB Wetsuit Loft

Southern California Rip Curl wetsuit rep Dave Taxer discusses the new features of the new 2011/2012 fullsuit wetsuits at the South Coast Surf Shop PB Wetsuit Loft. Featuring the all new Flash Bomb material makes the world’s fastest drying wetsuit.

Mr. Taxer also covers the Rip Curl E-Bomb, E-Bomb Pro, Insulator, Dawn Patrol, G-Bomb Girls Flash Bomb, booties, and youth wetsuits. Back zip vs. chest zip.

All these Rip Curl wetsuits are available online with free domestic ground shipping right here:

Rip Curl Wetsuits

Also available at any of South Coast’s Five Retail Locations in Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.

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