Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Thank You

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park ? On Sunday March 18, 2007, the Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association (SCSA) and I love a clean San Diego hosted a cleanup of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. SCSA and I love a Clean San Diego members armed themselves with gloves, collection bags, and wheel barrows to pick up trash and litter left behind in the Natural Park. In the past, the cleanups have netted trash and debris ranging from cigarette butts, cans, bottles, and broken glass to abandoned furniture. The Sunset Cliffs Natural Park cleanup is held three times a year to keep the open areas of the park free of litter and prevent broken glass and trash from washing down the canyons to the beach and contaminating the ocean environment. The cleanup is a chance for both organizations to gladly give back to the community of Point Loma and Ocean Beach.

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