The Giving Movement: Pura Vida

Shame on me for calling this a “trend” but when everyone jumped on the “Charity Train” I was a bit skeptical. I’m not saying giving is bad, but when the intentions are driven by sales and not the cause, that’s when I get angry. But I was forever wrong with this one! I’m beginning to learn that a huge number of our companies we deal with have silent charities and donating partners and customers probably aren’t even aware of them! We have so many companies doing this that I can’t fit all of them in one blog. Every week we will highlight a new charity that South Coast carries. I want to share with you all these great givers and what we can do to help!

 Pura Vida, meaning “pure life” in Spanish, stands for enjoying life slowly, celebrating good fortune, and never taking life for granted. This is the vision for Pura Vida bracelets- colorful, funky, handmade bracelets from Costa Rica that you can stack up for a fun look! But style isn’t all these bracelets provide! While traveling through Costa Rica, the founders of Pura Vida realized with little tourism and low paying jobs, local jewelry makers had a hard time making ends meet. Every bracelet you purchase will help local artisans find full time jobs. They also donate 1% to Surfrider Foundation to help clean up beaches and preserve our coastlines worldwide. They don’t stop there- you can pick the charity you want to help out with their “charity bracelets”. Choose from different charities like Breast Cancer, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Japan Tsunami Relief, Best Friend Animal Society, and MANY more. Visit to read their story and stop into South Coast Wahines to support charities world wide!

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