The Giving Movement: Reef

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Reef Redemption

Reef has always been known for their comfortable sandals but what you may not know is they have a tremendous heart and a whole line dedicated to helping others! Reef Redemption is a line specifically for supporting environmental and humanitarian groups. Their hopes are that with 1% of Reef Redemption sales, they can help preserve our waves, beaches, and surrounding communities. Reef employees also participate in weekly beach clean ups and always try to do their own part in keeping our sand clean.

Another way Reef is helping world wide is the We Heart Collection. We Heart is a collaboration between Reef’s design team and artisans in developing countries from around the world. Reef purchases these artisan’s handmade crafts and incorporates them into their product (example: Reef’s Bella Costa ballet flats). Reef’s goal is to create a platform for these deserving artisans to grow successful businesses. To read more about their efforts in cleaning beaches and helping world wide, please visit or stop into any of our stores for Reef and let’s help in any way we can, one sandal at a time!

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