The Giving Movement: TOMS Shoes

001One For One

TOMS- if you haven’t heard of this one-for-one shoe concept then you might as well be living under a rock! TOMS was founded by American traveler, Blake Mycoskie, in 2006 when he befriended children in an Argentinian village and found they did not have protection for their feet. He came up with a one-for-one concept where every pair of TOMS that is purchased, one will be provided for a child in need. This motto has held true today and TOMS has improved the “Giving Pairs” of shoes to accommodate the kids in need. We hear customers ask if the pairs they buy are the Giving Pairs and the answer is no. TOMS has updated the giving pairs with a wider fit for comfort and a thicker sole and heavier canvas for longevity. Other shoes in the works are a winter boot for colder climates and an athletic shoe for urban environments. With your continued help, kids in need will continue to get the proper shoes to protect their feet! TOMS is carried in all 5 South Coast locations for mens, womens, and kids. Check out for their entire story.

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