The Old School Fish – South Coast Surfboards

Bringing back the classics with modern invitation. A true old school twin keel fish. Where most
twins from the 80s were skatey and twitchy this board brings a calm smooth style to your
favorite reef or point. The wide parallel template gives you glide and drive off the bottom, while
the deep fish tail provides an anchor to draw big heavy carves back from the shoulder. A
modern single concave with a little double concave relief between the fins keeps this board from
getting sticky on rail and provides that extra bit of freedom when drawing your line mid face. If
you enjoy high speed open face turns and classic style do yourself a favor and snag one before
they’re gone.

Words-Fabiano Sarmento


Photo Credit- Templeton Turner

Board of the Month- Catch Surf 54 PRO

This month we decided to highlight something a little different! The Catch Surf Beater Boards are fun for all and since it’s summer, what better time to try one out?

PC: Kevin Fuertes

Here is some info straight from Catch Surf!:

The gnarliest Beater yet! All-new Original 54 PRO is built for next-level shredding with our new hi-performance removable fin system allowing for harder carves and added drive. Match that with custom-colored decks, rad graphic bottoms and you’ve got one bad ass shred stick! Features a strong, light-weight and water-resistant core with dual (x2) maple-ply wood stringers and high density bottom to make it the stiffest most durable Beater ever made! All Original PRO models are equipped with our new hi-performance fin system and 4” Beater PRO model Keel fins.

**Mention this blog post in-store and receive $20 off your purchase of a Catch Surf Beater Pro model! (offer not good on other Catch Surf models)

South Coast + The Firefighter Demolition Derby

This year South Coast was asked to be a sponsor for San Diego Fire Station #35’s Demolition Derby car.  It was benefitting a great cause, The Burn Institute, so how could we say no? We  put them in touch with a few of our vendors. Quiksilver and JM Sales & Service also agreed to sponsor the car! The Annual event was held during the opening weekend of the San Diego County Fair and was part of the Fire and Safety Expo.

Here are a few shots from the event! PC: Heather Shields







Board of the Month-Channel Islands Twin Fin

It seems like new board models are getting released on the regular, we want to keep you up to date about what is out there! We will be highlighting new shapes (and giving some much deserved attention to existing shapes) monthly in blog form, as well as on our social media platforms! Our first featured surfboard is the Twin Fin from Channel Islands!


PC: Kevin Fuertes

To get the most insight, we grabbed info straight from the source,

“The Twin Fin has a retro 70’s feel, with updated performance qualities.
It was originally designed and hand shaped by Britt Merrick when asked to compete in a surf contest where shapers ride retro boards they have created themselves. Inspired by a twin fin that his father Al had shaped for himself in the late 70’s, and that a friend had recently found at a garage sale, Britt took a template off it, drew it on a blank and updated the rocker to have a more modern feel with added positive drive and carving ability. Thus, the new CI Twin Fin was born. The Twin Fin has been tested by Britt, Dane and CI Factory pilots in everything from weak beach breaks to good Rincon and has proved to be a fast and fun wave catching machine. To offset negative characteristics of a usual high-volume retro design, the Twin Fin’s rails are tapered and relatively thin feeling for added sensitivity and responsiveness. The Twin Fin comes with two CI Futures fins, perfectly tuned for the design, and an all-new CI trailer that we hand shaped and foiled at the factory just for this board.”

Legendary shredder Sterling Weatherley on his new Twin Fin!


PC: Josh Torres

South Coast + Burn Institute Fundraiser

In coordination with the upcoming Firefighter Demolition Derby fundraising efforts, if you bring a copy of the flyer below to any South Coast Surf Shop or South Coast Wahines location on May 28/29, we will donate 10% of your receipt total to the Burn Institute.

Do you have a little shopping you’ve been thinking about doing before summer? Next weekend is the perfect time! Grab some new gear and help us give back to an important cause!