What’s New with SC team rider Jonah Pierce?

Jonah has had a rather exciting November! We asked him to fill us in on his biggest win to date!

Last week my alarm went off at 4:30am for the NSSA Southwest Open Mens event at Churches. The event was really fun, with 2-3 foot rights, peeling down the point. The event consisted of two days: Saturday was rounds one, two and three; and Sunday was the day of the semi-finals. These events are really cool because the semi-final rounds and the final round are man-on-man heats with priority; just like the ASP World Championship Tour events. I surfed great all heats, posting scores in the excellent range in almost every heat. My initial goal was to at least make it to the semis so that I could surf my first man-on-man heat, and when I did, I was thrilled. I was so excited to get the opportunity to have some sort of practice in a man-on-man heat.


The semi-final was nothing like any heat I had ever surfed because you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to hassle you for a wave; instead, you have to think extremely strategically so that you don’t give your priority up on a bad wave, or so that you don’t sit the whole heat being too selective and catch no waves. All my judgements were perfect in my semi and I came out with a win against fellow South Coast team rider, Ryland Rubens. Ryland was surfing really well the whole day and went on to win the Open Juniors division. The next step was the final.

For my final I had a San Clemente local in my heat, Connor Dand, who was also ripping every heat. This heat was the most stressful of all because the waves became very inconsistent so you had to be extra attentive to which waves would have the most scoring potential. I made a huge mistake on my first wave because I was way too deep and only got two decent turns; I received a low score of a four. Connor started off strong with two mid-range scores, making me need a 6.77 to take the lead. The heat was so slow that I knew when the next wave came through I would have to go. I was sitting with priority until the five-minute mark and finally caught a wave. I was able to get three really good turns that awarded me a 7.50. It was a really good score, but since I only had a four as a back-up, Connor didn’t need a very high score. The next wave Conner went on, he surfed solid, but ended up falling on the end, causing him to fall short of the score. The next two minutes in that heat were the slowest two minutes of my life. I was praying for it to end before any more waves would come through. I counted down the last 10 seconds with a huge smile on my face. That smile didn’t go away until the end of the car ride home. It was such an exciting day.

-Jonah Pierce


Ryland Rubens, Working His Way to the Top

Photo credit: Gage Hingeley

If you don’t know who Ryland Rubens is, you should! This Team USA surfer is from Pacific Beach and has been surfing Blacks Beach since he could swim. Now he is one of the best surfers in the US. From contests in LA to here in San Diego, Ryland has been taking top honors. He is also in position to win the NSSA Southwest Open Juniors season series after taking first in the last 2 events. Billabong, Dakine, Von Zipper, Sector 9, Sanuk and South Coast all sponsor Rubens as he travels the world catching waves and winning contests. He believes in never giving up and always having fun. Like any teenager, though, he still loves pizza, his friends, and his dog, Rico. He is in to classic rock like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Check back here on the blog to follow the amazing journey of this San Diego native.

Photos from a recent trip to Mainland Mexico.
Photo Credit: Peter Rubens


Photos from Tavarua
Photo credit: Peter Rubens


Think it. See it. Do it. GoPro

Be a Pro, GoPro


Think it. See it. Do it. That is GoPro’s motto. They make the world’s most versatile cameras and now they’re at South Coast. The Hero 4 in silver and black have made their way to the shops. GoPro enables you to share every moment of your life by taking amazing photos and videos. They are waterproof up to 40 meters and can take up to 30 frames per second of 12MP photos. The cameras also have built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Protune. Surf mounts allow you to capture every wave. The GoPro app lets you create your own videos, control your camera, and import media. No matter what adventure you take it on, Capture. Create. Share. Want to take a peek at what GoPro users are capturing? Check out the GoPro channel!

Photo & Facts: www.gopro.com