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3x SIMA Wetsuit of the Year Award Winner: XCEL Wetsuits

XCEL Wetsuits

XCEL Wetsuits for Spring!

South Coast Surf Shops brings you the latest XCEL wetsuits for spring available to you in our retail shops or online here at SouthCoast.com. There is a reason why year after year these wetsuits win at the SIMA trade show. When it comes to wetsuits people may prefer a certain brand with a fit they have grown used to but we encourage you to suit up in one of these XCEL Wetsuits and you won’t turn back. XCEL has got technologies and features packed into each of their suits that might require a scientific explanation in order for us regular surfers to completely understand. Have a look below at a few select XCEL wetsuits for spring that we have picked to tell it to you nice and simple: these suits are not messing around.
Xcel Wetsuits

XCEL SLX S/S Springsuit

2mm springsuit featuring back zip entry with an adjustable Velcro wrap collar. SuperLight neoprene sleeves, gussets, and lower body. Wind-resistant Texture Skin upper body.
XCEL Wetsuits

XCEL X-Flex Long John Springsuit

Back zip long john with UltraStretch neoprene lower legs for easy on-off. SuperLight neoprene lower body; wind-resistant Texture Skin front and back outer cheats. No underarm seams eliminates chafing. Hemmed neck, sleeve, and leg openings.

XCEL Infinity X-Zip L/S Springsuit

XCEL WetsuitsAll the features of the INFINITY X-ZIP fullsuit in a warm-water springquit option. This X-ZIP is 100% UltraStretch neoprene, with a 1-peice top sleeve and lower body designs with minimal seams to maximize stretch. The inner chest and lower body features ThermoBamboo heat-retaining made of bamboo charcoal infused fiber and recycled fibers. Wind-resistant Texture outer chest pre-bent elbows.

XCEL Wetsuits

Ed D’Ascoli founded Xcel in 1982, working from the bedroom of his Sunset Beach house. D’Ascoli found no shortage of inspiration from the world-class performances on display at his doorstep; and the opportunity to create and to connect high-performance products with the athletes who demanded them was irresistible. XCEL Wetsuits passionate focus on product development would become the defining characteristic of the brand.

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