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Watermans Lip Balm
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Watermans Face Stick
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Watermans Applied Science Company History

The truth is that watersports enthusiasts rank amongst the groups at the highest risk for contracting skin cancer, experiencing accelerated aging, and developing other complications caused by the sun's harmful UV radiation.  The reflection of the water's surface can increase the amount of UV exposure by as much as 50%.  Even white water can cause a 25% increase.

When one considers the fact that one in five people and one in three Caucasians will be forced to deal with skin cancer at some point in their life, it raises the question: What are you doing to protect yourself when a day in the shade is not an option? 

Here at Watermans:  Applied Science, we are dedicated to providing today's Watermen and women with the best, most effective and functional, high-performance sunscreen on the market.  Watermans will never run in your eyes, make your hands slippery, or negatively affect your performance in any way.  Watermans, first in the water.

Watermans Applied Science Technology

At Watermans, our goal is to provide the most effective sun protection available.  Below is a list of all active ingredients found in the Watermans Lotion, Face Sticks, and Lip Balm.

Zinc Oxide - Mineral/Physical_UVA/UVB Octinoxate - Organic/Chemical_UVB
Oxybenzone - Organic/Chemical_UVA (SPF 55 Sun Cream only)
Octocrylene - Organic/Chemical _UVB

Face Stick
Titanium Dioxide - Mineral/Physical_UVA/UVB
Octinoxate - Organic/Chemical_UVB
Oxybenzone - Organic/Chemical_UVA (SPF 55 Face Stick only)
Octocrylene - Organic/Chemical_UVB (SPF 55 Face Stick only)

Lip Balm
Avobenzone - Organic/Chemical_UVA
Octinoxate - Organic/Chemical_UVB
Octisalate - Organic/Chemical_UVB
Octocrylene - Organic/Chemical_UVB
Oxybenzone - Organic/Chemical_UVA
*All quantities and ingredients have been approved by the FDA for OTC use.

Watermans Applied Science Team

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