Xcel Drylock 4/3 Chest-zip Fullsuit

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The Drylock series from Xcel features their Drylock waterproof zipper. Designed to keep more water out, this zipper had a Smooth-Skin hem seal, pull cord/barrel lock combo and a snap lock to keep the zipper pull in place. Also the crossover neck entry makes for extra wide entry through the neck. Key features:

  • Fushionweld Technology- A glued seam is heat fused with a durable composite outside and seam taping inside, making for a fully leakproof seal.
  • TD3 Thermodry- 3 part combination neoprene with inner Quick Dry Lining, V Foam and outer Quick Dry Fiber
  • Airprene
  • DRYLOCK wrist seals
  • Fusion Seam Technology- Fusion taping in the upper body

Style# MQ43DRP3


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