Exploring Punta Mita

Exploring Punta Mita

Known as the Mexican Malibu, Punta Mita and its surrounding breaks offer world class surfing.  A great spot for beginners and advanced surfers alike!  By: Heather Shields

My family loves to travel to Mexico, the warm water and family friendly beaches are very inviting.  The last two years we have traveled to Punta Mita and have loved it.  We head down with a group of about 20.  Many days are filled with surfing, snorkeling and sun bathing, with an occasional tequila tour and shopping trip.  There is something for everyone in Punta Mita!  One of our favorite surf spots is called Stinky’s beach, no it doesn’t really stink; however, the town is known for its fresh fish.  First thing you need to do is grab a table and umbrella at the restaurant on the beach, then enjoy a beer and tacos while watching the kids surf, it is fantastic!

Another great surf break is called Burros, it’s usually bigger is size than Stinky’s.  Burros  is located in front of the Grand Palladium Resort, which I would highly recommend.  When the break it right out front, it sure makes it easy to surf multiple times a day!  The resort is all inclusive and totally affordable.  The resort offers surfboard and SUP rentals, in case you didn’t bring your own or wanted to give surfing a try. 

Next year we are planning to check out La Lancha and The Cove!

Images Courtesy of Heather Shields